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Technological Development for Science and Society
Heliorite AB is an independent technology development company, founded in 2010. Based on a broad experience of different areas of science and technology, our field of action spans from designing hardware for environmentally friendly energy plants to software and simulation projects. Our direction is front-edge projects promoting a happier and more sustainable world.

The extensive price reductions for photovoltaic (PV) power plants the last years have made solar energy a commercially viable option in many countries. In 2014 the average PV module price fell below $0.6 per W, down from $0.7 per W in 2013. U.S utility (large-scale) scale PV system prices fell to as low as $1.4 per W in 2014. The gross margins has increased for the leading solar cell module suppliers and has once again reached sustainable levels after being very low or negative in 2012, a time when several module producers disappeared from the market. The 20 leading suppliers shipped almost 70% of the global PV module demand in 2014, compared to 60% in 2011. Current PV module prices are low enough to make the market grow substantially, from about 40 GW worldwide in 2014 to an estimated level of about 55 GW in 2015. Solar power is hot. Heliorite has worked with solar tracking technologies, partly funded by VINNOVA. We have also developed software for mapping solar insolation and reflection from solar collectors and PV panels.

Another promising energy technology knocking on the door is LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), earlier referred to as CF (Cold Fusion). Companies like BlackLight Power, Brillouin Energy, Jet Energy and Nichenergy have LENR technologies in different stages of development. Still not accepted by mainstream science, despite many published scientific papers, LENR will probably be widely recognized within a few years. It can take longer before the quantum processes behind the phenomena will be clearly understood. Heliorite is engaged in LENR science and development of technology.

World seems to be facing an era with new safe, abundant and environmentally friendly technologies that successively will replace present nuclear and fossil-fueled power plants.

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